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Online consultation

£100 / Hour
  • One time Consultation
  • Focusing on the Problem
  • Creating a Strategy
  • Creating Deadline

Consultation for couples

£150 / 2 Hours
  • One time Consultation for couples
  • Identifying the problem
  • Creating & Strategy
  • Creating Deadline
  • Answering couples Questionare
  • Solving problem Step by step

Webinar 'How to change my mindset' ( in BULGARIAN language ONLY)

£130 / Hour and a half
  • Online webinar via Youtube
  • What the thoughts are?
  • Where are they coming from
  • How I manifest my reality
  • Formula changing your state
  • Instant Transformation

Въпросник за двойки

На какви въпроси трябва да си отговорим преди да заживеем заедно?