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Soothing Affirmations Before Sleep § Release all fear and anxiety

Sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing.

All-day long, we are being bombarded with all sorts of information.

Most of this information goes directly to our subconscious mind and replays itself during our sleep.

To give peace to our mind and body, it is desirable to be calm and relaxed before going to bed.

It is a good idea to marinate your brain with positive affirmations just before bedtime.

That way, the next morning, you will wake up rested, refreshed, and ready for new adventures!

For best results, listen to this recording on your headphones just before going to bed.

You don’t have to be awake the whole time.

If you feel like falling asleep midway through it, go for it!

Your subconscious mind continues to listen even when you are asleep so you will not miss a word!

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let me take you to the magical world of dreams!