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МСМ и витамин Ц – протокол на приемане препоръчан от Башар

You will find that the idea, in general, is that about 2 to 3000 milligrams of vitamin C, and about 2 to 3000 milligrams of MSM, three times a day, three times a day – morning, noon, night will be what most of you need to show any effects of healing in your body.
And if you have an acute situation, you may need a lot more, you may need the idea of up to 10,000 milligrams a day. But for now, the idea of minimum of 5 to 6000 milligrams per day in three dosages over the course of the day will be what most of you need for maintenance. And that will be the substance and the amount that will show you in time some effect, then we’ll start to clear out areas of your body.
But if you are putting in more toxins, when it is attempting to clean toxins out, then you are simply creating a problem. It is no but you cannot have some now and then. But most of you taking far too much. And it isn’t even so much the idea that there may be toxins in some of the coffee that you’re doing, but that it is also a diuretic. It is taking water out of your system and not allowing yourself to flush the toxins that are there because they are losing water. It is in that sense drying you out.
So if you’re going to have the coffee, it would be wise to increase your water dosage. So at least you give yourselves a chance to do the flushing that they need to do and thus give the vitamin C and the MSM a chance to do what they can do.
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