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For a long time I have been thinking of writing something on the subject, because I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that even in the 21st century, human relations lie on old paradigms, and new energies require a new look.

The old paradigms say that you must have a relationship or a family, children of a certain age, play certain roles in your relationship, and more such restrictive and unifying rules that suppress freedom and the right to uniqueness, and which unfortunately more and more people unconsciously follow and then complain that they are not themselves!

The most common questions when it comes to intimate relationships are – whether to stay in the relationship and fight, working on their fears and limitations or to leave them when they face difficulty.

There is no universal answer here. However, I will try to think ‘more spiritually’ from my own experience, because I have no one else. 🙂

It makes sense, once something appears in front of you, to deal with it in some way, right?

And how do you deal with your negative beliefs and emotions? Are you wondering what purpose they appear in your life or do you sink and drown in them?

When you feel bad, do you wonder why you feel bad?

Have you ever wondered why your body feels? What is their purpose?

I feel bad, not because someone has done something, but because I have a belief that is not true for me. And I understand this thanks to the emotional body that I have and whose purpose is to navigate me and show me how the Source, God, the Absolute, the Universe (call it what you want) sees me. When I feel good, it means that I see myself with the eyes of the Source and this is in sync with the Universe and its vibrational frequency. Conversely, when I do not feel well is an indication that I do not see myself as the universe sees me – as a boundless and eternal creator! In other words, this is not true for me, it makes me shrink, not expand!

Such a basic navigation system given to us by God himself! Through her He guides us! We are never separated from the Source, even when we think we are, in fact we are not!

So, the relationship…

Relationships between people are not complicated, in fact they are very simple. It’s always about working with yourself. About the connection between you and you!

Others are our mirrors, through which we understand more about ourselves and our subconscious beliefs, which at certain stages in our lives come to the surface to show us that they no longer work for us. That we need the so-called system update. This program no longer works well with the operating system and the requirements have changed. You need to delete the old program (belief, belief) and install a new one. And then the operating system starts working optimally!

Such awareness can also occur when you are not in a romantic relationship (all the people around you reflect you as well as you do them), but it is most intense in close relationships. It can happen even when you listen to the news, when it comes to money, etc.

We have similar encounters with ourselves and our beliefs on a daily basis. In fact, negative feelings and thoughts are a blessing because they show you your unconscious beliefs that shape your reality in a way you do NOT want. So thank them! 🙂

It’s all about yourself and what you feel.

So, you are communicating with someone or just watching TV and a negative feeling comes. This is where your work with yourself begins. To do this, you need to note that the feeling has appeared, which means that before it there was a thought that gave rise to it. Thought always precedes feeling. So, you turn the tape back and catch the culprit thought and look at it. Why does this thought make me feel bad? What do I believe in? Why do I believe this? Is it true for me? etc.

Looking at it this way, it begins to thin and disappear. The next thing you need to do is replace this negative thought with a positive one. One that you have no resistance to and makes you feel good. In this way, you transform your fears and old beliefs into ones that work for you, not against you.

When faced with such a situation due to interaction with another person, ask yourself if you really want to leave the relationship or just afraid and avoid facing your fears! And then it will become clear to you. But you have to be honest with yourself – always, whether you’re committed or not!

Don’t be afraid of negative feelings, this is a positive event that allows you to expand and be more in tune with your true nature! The more you apply it, the more you become yourself and get rid of burdens that limit you.

Don’t be mentally lazy! Be alert and watch how you feel. Otherwise, you move through life by habit, and the habit has so far put you in a negative spiral, from which it is difficult to get out. So a little more self-monitoring will be helpful! Observe your thoughts and choose the ones that make you feel good!

When you have any problem, do not immediately transfer it to your relationship with the other / others, apply it to yourself. Otherwise it can become very complicated. If you realize that you are not avoiding your fears, then you are dealing with undisclosed negative beliefs, and as we have already understood, they are not a cause for fear.

There is no point in staying in something that exhausts you (work, relationships, home)!

When the goal behind the relationship is “sucked” out of them, then it’s time to leave them. If you stay, it will be a kind of screen, a mask behind which you hide – two people who have had chemistry with each other, rarely or not have sex at all, do not spend time together, it is as if they go out for coffee няма no more passion, the initial excitement is already completely ground, assimilated and has completely disappeared, there is nothing more to learn from each other or from your relationship… You slowly turn into empty shells that just knock together. You start to fade more and more… Then it’s time to move forward on your own, because by staying, you deprive yourself of something better.

There is nothing wrong with separation. Souls are and will be infinitely connected on another level forever!

I am not saying that it is always easy to give up or continue… That is why I wrote above that there is no universal answer.

You will feel and judge the situation. Does the interaction with this person or these people bring you joy, and can you decide in an honest communication whether it is time to continue your life separately.

Find your way to bliss!

You are infinite beings! Powerful creators! Free to exercise your free choice and be who you want to be, if this is your strongest excitement!

Everyone is free to declare themselves and be who they want to be!

You don’t have to have a family, have a relationship, have children… You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t resonate with your true nature just because someone once said or did it.

Forget about others! Be yourselves!

I wish you a conscious and free relationships!

Author: Adelina Dimitrova (# А_Ди)

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